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Ich bin Pinguin

From 4 years and up, without language

Two eggs in an Antarctic snowstorm. From one hatches a penguin, from the other another bird. Together they experience many adventures. They are each other's: all they have and all they know. The little bird takes the penguin as a mother, and learns from him everything the latter knows. That is not so much! After all, he has no wings to fly and can only waddle ... The deaf actress Pia Katharina Jendreizik and the hearing puppeteer Andreas Pfaffenberger tell this story about differences in friendship and family without a word spoken.


By and with: Pia Katharina Jendreizik (acting), Andreas Pfaffenberger (puppetry)

Director: Wera Mahne

Text, set and puppet construction: Anna Siegrot

Video, dramaturgy, stage: Declan Hurley

Production management: Esther Schneider

Communication assistance: Brice Stapelfeldt, Kristina Kiehn

Production: Wera Mahne; Co-production: FFT Düsseldorf; in cooperation with FELD Theater für Junges Publikum, Berlin. Supported by: the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Cultural Office of the State Capital Düsseldorf.

Premiere on 15.12.2019

at the FFT Düsseldorf


Nur mit Gesten wurde eine lebensnahe Geschichte über das Erwachsenwerden kindgerecht erzählt.

(Just with gestures, a true-to-life story about growing up is told in a child-friendly way.)

WZ, 17.12.2019

Empfohlen ist das Stück für Kinder ab vier Jahren, die der Geschichte gut folgen können, weil sie sich aufs Wesentliche konzentriert und Raum lässt für manche Lacher.

(The play is recommended for children aged four and up, who can follow the story well because it focuses on the essentials and leaves room for laughs.)

Rheinische Post, 16.12.2019